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Managing Supply Chain

Our methods of identifying, prioritizing and mitigating supply chain risks will ensure your business is exposed to minimal threat in its procurement of goods and services. These threats may include compliance issues, differences in quality expectations, a language-barrier impeding communication, an inability to be on the field to guide production...

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Business Negotiation

Once you have received your quotes, you can narrow further the suppliers you wish to converse and negotiate with. Negotiations are potentially the most crucial parts to finding the right supplier. We seek to provide you with tips on swaying things to your advantage, compromises to accept or refuse and general guidance as to how...

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Defining Product

We have developped effective methods to help you assess your rational product needs. We will help you do the relevant market research, establish your priorities and vision and set clear objectives you will merely need to communicate with your provider. By studying your past products, their production costs, their price of sale, your profit margin...

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Whether you are a well-seasoned CEO or an up and coming entrepreneur, you have a lot to handle, so why not let Kobayashi Yukie help you. We are a Hong Kong based company that specialises in the entire exportation process, from finding a supplier, to getting it into your warehouses, we will handle the details so you can grow your business. We are a subsidiary of Fenam International Sources Group, which is one of the biggest import / export companies in Shanghai.

One thing about starting a business is finding the perfect supplier and that is where we can start helping you. Let us know what products you're searching for a supplier, what you need, and what you will not be able to work with. We will do the time-consuming research and find those with industry recommendations and you pick from the best matches. We will also help you get the most product for your price, as we will help you through the entire negotiation process. By using our successful method of negotiations, you have time to process what is being discussed, gather expert advice and get the most benefit from your time.

On top of that, we will help guide you through maintaining the healthiest supplier relations possible, using our proven methods. Identifying and addressing problems are not the only thing we do. We analyse trends in the market of your industry and then suggest clear goals and methods that will help you achieve the most sales possible from your product.

At Kobayashi Yukie, we believe our past helps shape our future, and so we go back and look at your past products, how much you spent on the project, how much you earned, what worked and what didn’t. Then the date is contrasted with the suppliers and your unique business needs and then determine the most lucrative course of action, developing a plan that will help you excel in your industry. Kobayashi Yukie is a number of CCPIT, which is a national international trade organisation of China.

Once you establish your business plan and supplier relations, we help you limit the risks associated with a business venture. For example, when you inspect a supplier’s factory we help point you in the direction of what to look for that could cause risk so that they can be eliminated. While some services want you to sacrifice your ethics for the best profit, we base our services around your business ideals; we will get you the best suppliers at the best price. We will handle the industry research, and we will do our absolute best to get you and your suppliers on the same page, allowing for you to create and sustain beneficial business relations that will help you grow and prosper as a business.